Videos in Presentations

Videos in Presentations: To Link or to Embed

Videos in Presentations To Link or to Embed – This is the question… PowerPoint presentations often contain videos clips. Hence, a frequently asked question is whether to link or embed? Yes, I know it sounds simple, but there is more than meets the eye. It is not one or the other, it is more like:

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10 steps to craft a great presentation

Create a presentation in 10 steps

THE BEST PRESENTATION (any presentation) IN 10 STEPS No matter what kind of presentation you’re preparing for, any and EVERY PRESENTATION CONSISTS OF 10 STEPS, and two more. Before diving in, let’s get this right from the start; a presentation isn’t necessarily a slideshow. A presentation is any address or content a presenter communicates to

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five mistakes - investor deck

Investor Deck 5 mistakes

FIVE MISTAKES IN INVESTOR DECKS YOU WANT TO AVOID 1. Discussing the product instead of the business Entrepreneurs are naturally enthusiastic about their venture and breakthrough product. About its potential, and how it’s going to affect people’s lives. But, what interests and inspires investors are the business and its value, the combination and synergy between an

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Data Visualization

Data Visualization Advice

Data Visualization Advice to Stop You Drowning in the Numbers LET’S START WITH THE BASICS Data Visualization is a subsection of visual communications. It is also a relatively new field that combines knowledge from three paradigms that, on the face of it, do not seem related: analytics, design, and psychology. To understand how Data Visualization

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Data needs Context

Data Needs Context

Data Needs Context Every entrepreneur and manager knows how important it is to make the right business decisions. The question is, based on data, how do we make the right business decisions or how do we get our audiences to make the decision we want them to make? I often come across this concept when

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When Data is the Story

How to Engage the Audience When Your Data is the Story

When Data is the Story… How can presenters keep an audience engaged when going over large sets of data? It can be challenging keeping an audience-focused during a normal presentation, but graphs and pie charts can make it even more difficult to keep their attention. Here, Jude’s written these tips to make sure your next presentation establishes the

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