Data Needs Context

Every entrepreneur and manager knows how important it is to make the right business decisions. The question is, based on data, how do we make the right business decisions or how do we get our audiences to make the decision we want them to make?

I often come across this concept when I work with entrepreneurs. These businesspersons are required to present data and information to investors or potential partners who usually decide on-the-spot whether an investment or partnership is interesting enough, thus eligible for further consideration.

Working with these entrepreneurs, whether it is on a presentation for investors, a report, or a document, I recognize the time and again the challenges they face as they try to transform their knowledge and communicate information for people to use, and make fast decisions.

Different people make different decisions and come to different conclusions. However when data is missing, presented inappropriately, or information is ambiguous, decision-making becomes even more challenging and may not yield the desired results.

In my previous article, How to Engage the Audience When Your Data is the Story, I wrote about data being the story’s hero and how to engage the audience.

In this article, I will focus on the context.

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