Facts! Statistics! … And storytelling?

What is all the buzz in the concept of "storytelling" and what’s the connection to data, facts, statistics  and numbers?

The first image that comes to my mind when I hear “storytelling” is a bonfire. Some of the greatest stories where told there.

Then my mind drifts to some of my personal favorite stories.  I think of some of my favorites all time writers, such as the German Grimm brothers, the British  Tolkien and J.K. Rowling,  the American writer George R.R.Martin, the Swedish Stieg Larsson, the Colombian Garcia Marx and many other.

I realized, that stories are an international language used all over the world:

No matter  what language  the book was  originally written in or what is the local culture of each of the writers – people around the world can recognize
a great  story when they hear or see one. who hasn't seen "The Matrix," "Superman," "Game of Thrones" and , more recently,  "The Queen's Gambit"?

So far, I haven't say anything new.

However, what is the actual reason that we find stories so engaging?

In an article I wrote with my dear colleague, Linda Gross, as part of our joint venture "NONDATAPEEPS" – that addresses those of us who need to present data to people "non-data people" –  We show the reasons for this and why it is worth taking advantage of storytelling,  especially  when we need to convey "dry" information in such a manner that the viewer will not just engage, but will also remember our focal data.

To the article

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